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Vixen Polish

Vixen Polish is an indie brand I started in August 2013. I began making making “franken polish” in late spring 2013 and this progressed to making actual nail polish from scratch. I now have a shop on etsy that regularly features amazing sales ($4.00 for 13.2ml/.45 fl. oz. bottles of indie polish; most comparable polishes I’ve tried myself are about $8 a bottle) as well as regular stock updates. I just ordered 88 new empty bottles, a huge amount of suspension base, and tons of glitter so I’m ready to really get cranking with VP.

If you are a blogger and are interested in trying any of my polish for a review I am more than happy to provide a free sample as long as you promise to give your honest opinion on my product. In order to do this please contact me (see below) and include a link to your blog. If there is anything you do not like about my polish please let me know so I can work on creating a better product. I am totally open to any suggestions or comments regarding this new venture and will always welcome advice!

How to contact Vixen Polish: 

1. Message me directly at the shop (if you have an account on

2. A contact form is provided below if you prefer to use a personal e-mail.

3. If for whatever reason the contact form is not working, simply e-mail (unfortunately WordPress won’t allow me to link to an e-mail address for general site/spam prevention purposes).

4. If you prefer none of the above methods, please comment on this page or any other post in my blog.


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