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I Swear I’m not Gone!

I will be adding backlogged posts soon!

September Giganta-haul

Yep, giganta-haul! It’s a word now 🙂 So I have bought way too many polishes this month… Many haven’t even arrived yet. I also made my first ever trip to Ulta which resulted in a $107 tab. Looking back on it, I spent WAY too much money there. That place is so expensive! I should have just ordered the polishes I got from their actual companies or Amazon or something… But they were right in front of me and so gorgeous that I couldn’t help myself (like the addict I am, I know…).

I’m breaking them down into lots of photos. Some of them have multiple photos to better show the actual polish (since they’re, you know, so freakin’ gorgeous!).

First up we have the Deborah Lippmanns. I’ve obviously seen this polish in various blogs for a long time now and had even browsed their store online. I shied away from ordering any due to the price but after seeing so many gorgeous swatches and reading so many great reviews, I finally broke down when I saw so many pretty DLs in front of me at Ulta! I bought two 15ml bottles. 

When I went to checkout the girl behind the counter slipped three free mini Deborah Lippmans in my bag too! She was so nice and began a conversation that eventually lead to her asking about the polish I was wearing at the time (my own, Sweet Sixteen). She flattered me by saying it was awesome looking and she would visit the shop. I’m doubting she ever ended up visiting it but I was still happy nonetheless!

ANYWAY… I’m getting off track… The three minis are all magnetic polishes that came with a wave-producing magnet. Now, I’ve never tried any of the magnetic polishes before because I never much cared for them but I tried Magic Man out on a nail and was amazed! It was absolutely gorgeous and the whole magnet deal was really cool too (I know, I’m late to that party).


L to R: Glitter in the Air, Magic Man, Punk Princess, Hard Knock Life, Fake It Til You Make It


The little freebie box the clerk gave me!


L to R: Tomoko, Rikki, Sailor, Hazel, Solange

Now onto the Zoya polishes… Yet another brand I have seen all over but never tried. Of course all the amazing reviews were true to their word because they are GORGEOUS!



(Click to enlarge so you can really see the polishes up close!)


L to R: Get Your NumberIt’s All San Andreas’s Fault


L to R: After Party, Material Girl

(Sorry about the weird angle but my reflection was super distracting.)


L to R: Wallis, Gobsmacked, Chancer

I actually got the BL polishes earlier this month but they’re still included in my September haul because I haven’t posted about them yet… Obviously I also got some other polishes like the two Pretty Jelly polishes but I never mentioned the BL polishes so they’ll go here 🙂


L to R: Purple Glam, Orange Gleam

Okay, so I was at the pharmacy picking up a prescription and saw this makeup stand for a brand I’d never seen before called Jordana. Honestly, my expectations weren’t high but the $1.50 price tag on both the polishes meant I couldn’t refuse, haha. I got the two glitter polishes of the bunch and “reluctantly” tried them for the blog. I was floored when they ended up being AMAZING! Both are gorgeous and apply really well. I will definitely do a full review in the future for this brand because it really deserves one.



Here’s yet another brand I had never seen before. I got this one during my Ulta haul. It’s obviously a pretty vampy fall-type color and from what I can see it looks nice.



And last but not least, a bottle of Revlon. Honestly, I haven’t been buying much Revlon polish in the past six or so months because I own so many of them already (I think about 30 now!) and already have the ones I like. However, while I was at Ulta I saw one I hadn’t seen before and given the fact that Revlon is tried and true I had to have it.

Welp, that’s it! I am expecting a few bottles of indie polishes over the next few days and I’ll post about them too. Have a lovely week!

Swatches for House of Usher by Pretty Jelly

This post is purely comprised of swatches for House of Usher by Pretty Jelly. All photos were taken with indirect natural lighting (no lamps, just cloud-covered sunlight). I’m not doing a review for this polish but will say it’s absolutely GORGEOUS! Liz (the creator of Pretty Jelly polishes) really does take great care in creating high quality products. Without further ado… I present to you House of Usher!

Remember to click any photos you want to see enlarged. The bigger the photo, the clearer the polish! 








A bit of an aside: It has been my experience that some indie polish sellers are more or less “half-assing it” when it comes to measuring, mixing, and showcasing their products. It’s not necessarily because they don’t care but rather because of possible inexperience. I try to give the benefit of the doubt when trying out a somewhat low quality indie polish and assume they might be new to hand mixing polish.

However, there are also sellers out there who are just plain lacking when it comes to passion for their craft. It’s obvious when their product ends up shoddy or lacking in some way. (And by “shoddy” I mean their polishes are often too runny or thick, have too little or too much of certain ingredients, they aren’t mixed well, the quality of the various supplies are low end, the polishes aren’t creative, etc.) I am guessing a lot of them end up like this because they don’t want to spend the amount of time it takes to create truly wonderful polish (or maybe they just plain lack an artsy “eye” that’s required to truly excel in the indie polish world).

I mention all of this in order to truly show how special brands like Pretty Jelly are (as well as Mentality Polish, Spellbound Nails, etc.). They’re special because of their thoughtful creative process, attention to detail, good taste, and their ability to remain unique in a sea full of carbon copied products. It’s because of brands like these that indie polish has taken off as much as it is and it’s because of the owners so many are inspired to take up nail art as a meaningful hobby.

It might sound silly to say that indie polish is inspiring to many but that’s the honest truth. It speaks to a lot of people and often makes high quality polishes obtainable for the average nail aficionado (whereas before you would often have to spend time looking for certain brands in certain stores and cough up lots of money for specific trends). Now high quality polishes that are truly unique and even one-of-a-kind are just a few clicks away!

And it’s all because of people like the ones I just mentioned.

I didn’t mean for this post to get so long and serious but it all needed to be said. I mostly wanted to mention that the indie polish genre is something a lot of people do but only a few people do really well.

Mani Corner: Complete!

Well, since the dawn of my obsession I’ve struggled with where to keep all of this polish I keep accumulating. In the beginning it was tupperware and the it went to being displayed openly on a desk and then it was shoved into any empty drawers available. Fortunately I came across an ad on a yard sale page on FB for a $25 corner table with shelves and knew it was perfect for our tiny little bedroom. We already have a full bedroom set (sleigh bed, night stand, dresser, and then some piece of tall furniture I can’t think of the name for) so our small room seemed doomed when it came to having any real space for functional polish storage. For the past few months I’ve been spreading my things out on the floor and picking polishes out of drawers which was NOT working, especially when it comes to my back… There are only so many hours you can lean over on the floor, sit indian style, etc. while focusing intensely on minute details spread out before you. Not only that but the lighting sucked everywhere in our house except for the dining room table and hauling all of my things out there for a 10 minute manicure was just a pain the ass.

SO. I bring you the “mani corner”… Complete with a shoe rack at the bottom for extra polish stroage. It might be a bit ghetto but it works and quite honestly, it doesn’t even crowd our room!


It’s located in the one corner of our room not taken up by any other furniture and it rests between the bed and a wall.


It might seem tight or jumbled but I swear it’s not. I’m too OCD to allow that to happen anyway!


The top of the desk contains all indie polishes as well as bottles of Vixen Polish and everything required to make it it.


Here are just some of the indie polish supplies I use (glitters, scoops, etc.).


Down below the shelves I keep some of my empty bottles, their tops, and then a container full of nail decorating items (Konad and Bundle Monster sets, nail jewels, tape, chevrons/french mani tapes, etc.). I also keep all of my base coats, top coats, and everything in between in this container.

So that’s it for now! I will continue tweaking it but I’m extremely happy with it so far. It’s not too shabby for a $25 desk and some old stuff I had lying around!

What do you think?

September Haul

New month, new haul… right? Some of these are old and some of them are new. I’m behind on the textured polish trend because I honestly didn’t like it at all until just recently (but I adore it now!) so a lot of these have been posted before on other blogs. However, I’ve never been one to check on whether or not my posts include the most up-to-date polishes. I would like to do more of that though so I’m beginning to make it a point to find newly minted colors. I’m pretty sure I found some stuff that comes from 2013 fall collections so without further adieu, my September haul:


(Click photo to enlarge.)

First up are the glitter polishes! From L to R we have…

  1. You Tacht to Know Better by Finger Paints
  2. Hue Brighten my Day by Finger Paints
  3. Call the Coppers by Nina Ultra Pro
  4. Glamrock by Nina Ultra Pro (Glamrock was swatched and reviewed in my last post.)
  5. Peaceful Opposition by ORLY



Aren’t they gorgeous?! I took closeup photos of these so you could really see the glitter. The lighting became altered between each photo due to changes in my position but the photos are true to their beauty!


(Click photos to enlarge.)

And then we have the China Glaze and Seche Vites… Sally’s Beauty Supply had a “buy one, get one” sale on the Seche Vite which I had to take advantage of! You can never have enough topcoat anyway (this time I got a base coat too… we’ll see how it goes!). From L to R:

  1. Kiss My Glass by China Glaze
  2. First Matte by China Glaze
  3. Base Coat by Seche Vite
  4. Dry Fast Top Coat by Seche Vite


(Click photo to enlarge.)

Now for the textured polishes I picked up! From L to R:

  1. Sweetie from the Sugar Coat line of Sally Hansen
  2. Sugar Fix from the Sugar Coat line of Sally Hansen
  3. Unrefined by China Glaze
  4. Blue-Berry Sweet on You from the Gumdrops line by Nicole by O.P.I.



(Click photo to enlarge.)

Remember when I got three bottles of polish from Spellbound Nails and two of them were broken? Well, when I placed an order for two more bottles from her shop she was kind enough to include the original polishes that didn’t make it one piece. She even left a sweet handwritten note in the box! Now to the polish! From L to R:

  1. Pishsalver/Drink Me! by Spellbound Nails
  2. Upelkuchen/Eat me! by Spellbound Nails
  3. Jaded for Green by Spellbound Nails
  4. Lilac You by Spellbound Nails

I will start swatching more of these beauties as soon as possible. I have tried every single one on at least one nail though and so far, so good!

Vixen Polish = Officially Launched!

It has been quite a journey since I began making polish just a couple of months ago. It has been fun documenting it here in this blog as well as learning more about it through other blogs. I added three bottles to my etsy page at the end of August and have about 30 more to go but I am currently out of state so it will be a few days before more polish shows up.

However, in the mean time I’ve been designing labels and tags for each bottle of Vixen Polish. I am also about to get the name “Vixen Polish” copyrighted! I was genuinely surprised it wasn’t already in use, haha. I was able to print off roughly 60 tags (front and back which are shown below) and 72 clear labels for the actual bottles of polish. The tags list ingredients and other information and the labels are simply there to look pretty. I haven’t come up with individual names for all of my polish and I’m quite terrible with that so I will be using another label program to add those at a later date. The polish names will appear on the bottom of each bottle.

Speaking of bottles, I just purchased 100 of the most gorgeous square bottles two weeks ago so hopefully they’ll be delivered soon after I get back! Then I can REALLY get down to business.


This first photo displays the actual bottle label as well as the front side of each tag (which will be tied to every bottle). The second photo shows the back of the tag. These photos aren’t very good but they’ll do for now!


So what do you think about everything? Honest opinions VERY welcome!

Edit: I just want to add that the label is displayed on a bottle of Cover Girl nail polish. It is not my own polish! I don’t have any of my stuff with me since I am visiting family out of state and really wanted to see what the label would look like on an actual bottle. Cover Girl’s bottles are very similar to the ones I use (square in shape) so I just turned it to a side that wasn’t labeled and stuck mine on top 😛

Just didn’t want anyone to recognize the polish and think I was trying to sell it off as my own!

Pet Peeves

This is one of very few text only posts you’ll ever see on this site. It’s a place to vent about some of your pet peeves in the “nail world.” I touched on one of my big pet peeves in the last entry: overly Photoshopped photos. I have more though… and sometimes I just have to bitch and get it off my chest, haha. Some of these aren’t exactly pet peeves but more like trends I just don’t understand. Here goes…

  • Pointed nails. I do NOT understand this phenomenon. Fortunately this trend seems to be on the decline but I still see it in blogs frequently enough to warrant a place on this list. Man, those things must be so impractical. Think about being intimate with anyone else (don’t let your mind wander too far, I’m just talking about everyday contact like hugs, hand-holding, etc.). Also think about small things like trying to use loofahs in the shower without them getting hung up on your nails. I truly understand fashion doesn’t always favor comfortable trends but this is one I’ll never get.
  • Overly Photoshopped photos. Yep, I already complained about this one but after my daily blog surfing I was once again reminded of this prolific occurrence in the nail world. I am NOT speaking against tweaking photos in small ways but if your fingers look like they belong on a mannequin because there are no wrinkles or imperfections then you might be Photoshopping your pictures too much.  It really does undermine the entire nail blog world when people do this. A lot of people see these photos and become frustrated because they can’t attain the same exact results. Well, it’s no wonder… Those results aren’t realistic to begin with.
  • Anything 3D that sticks out a lot. It always catches on something and falls off within minutes (hours if you’re lucky) and usually ruins the manicure underneath it. Yeah, it looks cute to put a bow on an accent nail but let’s get realistic: It NEVER lasts. It’s not enduring. I understand doing it for a night out but I still don’t get this trend where women put all kinds of stuff all over their nails. Another thing I don’t understand? Nail piercings. What the… I just don’t even have words for that one.

I’ll come back and add more when I’m not so distracted by the TV. I know there’s more, ha. This post makes me sound whiney and that’s fine. There are just certain things I don’t like or will never understand.

What are some of your pet peeves or trends you don’t understand in the nail world?

Spellbound Nails

Good news: I got three bottles of polish from Spellbound Nails.

Bad news: Two bottles were broken in transit.

Good news: I have spare bottles and was able to salvage a good bit of each bottle.

So, all in all there is more good news than bad. I will be trying these polishes out later on and making a post for them. I will say they were wrapped particularly well so it wasn’t a lack of bubble wrap or tissue paper or peanuts (all three were used!) that caused the breaks. Sometimes crap just happens and it’s no big deal.



My Shop is Open!

I just added my first listing! I have finished up about 30 bottles of polish that will all be on sale shortly. So far I have added three bottles of Sun Burst. During the first few weeks everything will be sold at VERY low prices so I can hopefully create some kind of customer base. Each 15ml bottle will be sold for just $4 (most indie polishes go for at least twice that per 15ml).

I still have to tweak the shop a little (create a banner, fill out a profile, etc.) but I just wanted to get at least one item up for now. Please check it out!

Vixen Polish

Below is Sun Burst:


Self Nudes!

Okay, okay… It’s not what the title suggests exactly. I am always curious to see what a nail blogger’s nails look like sans polish so I decided to snap a photo of mine between manicures. They actually don’t look all that bad without polish but the tips have yellowed some over time. Ah well, it’s not like they ever show anyway!