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To reach me through e-mail please fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.

In order to reach me directly at my Vixen Polish shop please click here.

Once again I welcome any and all input regarding my blog AND my shop. I also love to network so if you have your own blog or shop, please let me know! I will eventually be adding a page with a list of my favorite blogs in order to share them with others. If you would like to be added please contact me via the contact form above.

Lastly, please feel free to leave any comments on any of the actual RN posts. I love reading your comments and will always make an effort to respond as soon as possible!

Thanks for stopping by and the contact form is shown below!

(Unfortunately I am not technologically inclined and can’t seem to figure out how to remove my own information from the form (which isn’t a big deal) so you will have to delete it and add your own in order for it to work!)

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