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Hi, everyone. My name is Laura and I am 25 years old at the time of this post (July 2013). I am currently living in Camp Lejeune, NC and I’m married to a Marine. Together we have a young son who is about 22 months old now. I am originally from Rome, GA and I attended the University of Mississippi. I have also lived in Vermont, Virginia, and South Carolina.

My journey into polish addiction began innocuously enough. I was living in Virginia at the time and wasn’t working. I had plenty of extra time to engage in new hobbies. I had always liked nail polish but only painted my nails once every few months. I owned maybe 10 bottles of polish and rarely gave them a second thought until I stumbled on a polish blog one day. All of the awesome photos inspired me to get into all things polish and within a few months I was totally addicted. I began this blog about a week after I stumbled on that particular site and since then it has grown to almost 100 posts! I now own over 250 bottles of polish and I am constantly collecting more. I did take a long hiatus for about eight months during several moves (Virginia to Georgia and Georgia to North Carolina) as all of my polish was in storage. In May of 2013 I picked up where I left off and here I am today!

While this blog is far from popular or professional I still enjoy updating it and trying new things. I update it for myself but also the small number of followers I currently have. According to my site stats people regularly end up on here from Google as well which I think is awesome (apparently Tiffany Impostor by Finger Paints is a super popular search term…). It is my hope people will enjoy this blog on a regular basis one day. However, I will continue enjoying it regardless of numbers and plan on updating it as long as possible!

Thanks for stopping by.

– Laura

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