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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Review Post #15


Today’s review is for Disco Dolls by Nicole by OPI. I saw this in the store and immediately fell in love. It’s predominantly a golden, coppery polish with random bits of different colored hexagonal and circular pieces of glitter. This polish is perfect for a night out or any kind of celebration and it catches the light in such an amazing way. I wish the sun was out while I was taking photos because it looks amazing in natural sunlight. It also applies really well and unlike most glitter polishes it’s not that hard to get off.

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Swatches Galore

It looks like I’ll be adding yet another section to this blog. I’ve enjoyed getting these swatches together and it’s a lot easier to show different polishes than having to paint my own nails. I will still do reviews, manicures, etc. but a lot more posts with color wheels will be appearing in the future.

I wish I could post more content at once but I’ve been really busy getting ready for yet another big move. Things might be touch and go for a little while but there will still be plenty of regular posts. For now I leave you with a swatch of the Nicole by OPI polishes I have. They are all so gorgeous! My favorite by far is Disco Dolls so I’m going to review that soon and post more photos. Enjoy.


I’m glad to say Photobucket seems to be up and running again after two days of acting weird. I have a backlog of things to post so expect a lot of new content in the near future. Here’s a preview of what’s to come:

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I’m sorry to say but I won’t be able to update this until Photobucket starts working again. All of my images show but I am no longer able to edit them and for most of my photos this is critical. I usually end up cropping photos or adjusting lighting to provide better images but can’t do that. I’ve tried finding other sites like it but none are close to Photobucket and it seems like most of the photo editing software online is a complete mess (LunaPic, for example…). I’m not fond of the idea of uploading everything I have to a whole other website and learning how to use their tools anyway.

So… we wait. I saw on Photobucket’s Twitter that the problem has supposedly been resolved but that’s not the case. I sent them an e-mail so we’ll see what happens next. This is really frustrating though! Hopefully everything will be solved soon.

Review Post #014

Alright, I have quite a few reviews backlogged from the week I was visiting family. As you can see my ┬ámother donated plenty of polish to add to my obsession. I got to try <b>Butter by London</b> for the first time and it is as wonderful as I had been hearing. I also got to try quite a few other brands (I’ll post more about them later).

Rather than talk a lot like I normally do I’ll try my best to get right down to business!

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