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Smitten Polish and OPI Reviews

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Yesterday I got my order of Smitten Polish in the mail! I ordered The Ghost of Jupiter and Mother of Dragons. Before I get started, here’s a link to Smitten Polish.

At first glance The Ghost of Jupiter reminds me of a galaxy with its deep navy base and various silver, blue, and gold glitters. Mother of Dragons isn’t quite as in your face but just as appealing. It’s a lot more demure as it is composed of a light beige base with small blue and gold flecks of glitter. Below is a shot of the polish as I received it:

Although I tried both polishes I only took photos of The Ghost of Jupiter. The reason was because although Mother of Dragons looks great, it doesn’t photograph quite as well. Quite frankly because it’s a light color you have to use three or four coats which makes the polish a bit thick and goopy if you don’t do it right. I didn’t want to show bad photos and give the idea that it’s a bad bottle of polish because that isn’t the case, you just have to apply it more carefully than the average polish. Without further ado, here are some swatches:

Doesn’t it look like a solar system with a bunch of planets??

Once again please ignore my cuticles! I am trying to get them in better shape but it’s hard when you’re constantly doing housework, raising a two year old, etc.

Onto OPI’s polish, Don’t Talk Bach to Me. This polish is an extremely fun lime green color that’s perfect for summer. I’ve actually had it for a while but never used it until now. That will probably change though because it’s amazing stuff! It’s a good “go to” color for warmer months. Like all OPI polishes it applies smoothly and you only need two coats.

And just because, here are three of the polishes I’ve made recently 🙂 They were all made from scratch. I’m far from perfecting it but I’m getting better. I especially love the one on the left! The one on the right kind of reminds me of puke though, heh. It looks cool on but I’m not so sure I should have used that khaki yellow color with that specific glitter. Ah well.

Have a great weekend!