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Sorry for the lack of posts the past few days! I took an impromptu trip 500 miles south and I’m staying with my mom and step-dad in Charleston, SC until Tuesday. Hopefully I’ll get out of dodge before hurricane Isaac makes its way over towards us. At least it won’t be a hurricane anymore by then.

Anyway, I have completely struck gold while here in Charleston. My mom doesn’t paint her nails often but has a good bit of polish all the same. She has ended up giving me tons of polish and I’ve also purchased about 10 bottles since I’ve been here.

These polishes include the following:
Royal (Revlon)
Gray Suede (Revlon)
Slapper (Butter London)
Air (Sally Hansen Smooth and Perfect)
Sorbet (Sally Hansen Smooth and Perfect)
Running Wild (Jesse’s Girl)
Spring Break (Jesse’s Girl)
9 to 5 (Julie)
Chic Cipro (Julie)
Dream in Pretty (Julie)
Silver Anniversary (Sally Hansen Diamond Strength)
Pink Promise (Sally Hansen Diamond Strength)
Gorgeous Gold (L’oreal)
Umber Glow (L’oreal)
Quick Dry (L’oreal)
Too Hot to Handle (Sparitual)
Through the Grapevine (Wet n Wild)
Deep Red (Sante)
Mint Sorbet (Sally Hansen X-treme Wear)
Island Bloom (Merle Norman)
Coral Pink (CQ)
Schiap (NARS)
Gold Shimmer (Clinique)

I now have about 130 bottles of polish. My collection is steadily growing out of control but I’m not complaining! I can’t wait to get home and put it all together and organize everything. Lame, I know.

I’ll update with two more posts later on today so check back soon! The following will be posted:
1. Review Post #014
2. A tutorial on ombre nails

Lastly I want to mention that I now have a Facebook page! Please check it out for updates and lots of photos: Rookie Nails Facebook Page


Manicure #008: Sunny Set

I’ll keep this short and sweet! For this manicure I used Sorbet by Revlon for the base coat and followed it up with Hazard (Sinful Colors), Let’s Meet (Sinful Colors), and Craving Coral (Revlon). I used a makeup sponge to achieve the ombre effect and it only took about 15 minutes from start to finish.

More photos below…

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Review Post #010

Ooh, I’ve reached 10 review posts so far! That’s not too bad for a month old nail blog, right? Especially considering everything else that has been posted here. I feel like I’ve dedicated so many hours to this blog. Right now I’m not seeing much in return but I hope that one day I’ll have a decent following of people who enjoy nail polish just as much as I do.

Today’s review is of Sorbet by Revlon. It’s part of their newer line of polishes and quite honestly I am not as fond of them as I am of their old polishes. I don’t like the brush because it’s big and clumsy and it seems like the polish just sort of gobs up on it too easily and I also like the formula less because, well, it gobs up easily. It’s really easy to overdo it and end up with “fat” nails (you know how they look when you’ve painted one too many coats of polish and your nails just end up looking bloated…). With all that being said I think the color is gorgeous and the formula used in this polish isn’t bad, it’s just not as good as Revlon’s older stuff. I am still a huge fan though and have actually purchased eight bottles of their newer line. What I don’t understand though is that a bottle costs about a dollar more than their older polishes. I really feel like it should be the other way around but then again I’ll never really understand a lot of Revlon’s choices. They’re still selling a lot of polish though so that’s all that matters.

Click below for more swatches…

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