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Challenge: Ugliest

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In the last post I mentioned beginning a very laid back kind of challenge. There are no time constraints which I love and it’s also different. It’s not chock full of requests for themes like polka dots, stripes, french manicures, etc. Instead it has more unique categories I haven’t seen before (and I go through a lot of blogs!). In other words, it’s the perfect challenge for someone like me!

Since there is no particular order I decided to start with the one that piqued my interest the most: The ugliest polish I own. Quite frankly I don’t own many polishes I find ugly so it was hard to come up with one. While the polish I chose isn’t what I would call ugly, it is certainly one that I never wear and will probably never use in the future.

The polish is called Innocent and it’s by Sinful Colors. It’s not that this polish is heinous, I just don’t like neon colors. It was between this and a Cynthia Rowley hot pink polish but I am more apt to like pink than I am neon green.

Yep, I chipped my nail 😦 Rather than cutting it I’m going to try and file it back into a normal shape as it grows out. This is the same nail I lost [entirely] back in 2010 and ever since it has grown out slightly crooked. What’s one more kink in the nail at this point? It could be worse…

So what do you think of neon colors? What are some polishes you find unattractive or unflattering? Don’t hold back 😉


New Polishes!

Over the past few days I’ve been accumulating random polishes here and there. I found this amazing place called Wegman’s which is basically the best grocery store you’ll ever shop in. It had a cafe in the middle of it and even a bar. Had I not had my son with me I would’ve sat down and had myself a glass of wine before doing my shopping. It was pretty damn awesome, not to mention the selection they had. Like every other section their beauty area was massive and had every basic brand you could want. I’ve not come across a big chain store that carries this much nail polish though. They had the basics and more. I know the Wal-mart and Targets near me don’t have very good selections of Essie or OPI polishes but this place had so many available I didn’t know where to start.

Between Wegman’s and Wal-mart over the past week I’ve accrued the following:

Muse (Revlon)
Sew Psyched (Essie)
Wrapped in Rubies (Essie)
Navigate Her (Essie)
Cute as a Button (Essie)
Spice Romance (Rimmel)
Ocean Side (Sinful Colors)

My favorites out of these polishes are Navigate Her and Muse. I’m a huge fan of soft greens and khaki colors plus I had been ogling Navigate Her for a while now. It seems like a really popular polish and I can see why. Now my collection is getting to be a legitimate size for a nail blogger. I’ve noticed these huge stashes separate serious bloggers and those who use blogging as a hobby. I want to fall under the former category so I’ll keep on building my collection at this pace. I now have almost 80 bottles of polish! I think I started out with under 30 or 40 just a month ago so it’s safe to say I have a hefty addiction to polish at this point. At least it’s a fun addiction!

Manicure #008: Sunny Set

I’ll keep this short and sweet! For this manicure I used Sorbet by Revlon for the base coat and followed it up with Hazard (Sinful Colors), Let’s Meet (Sinful Colors), and Craving Coral (Revlon). I used a makeup sponge to achieve the ombre effect and it only took about 15 minutes from start to finish.

More photos below…

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Manicure #006: Tape Happy Two

Today’s manicure is brought to you by Big Spender (Essie) and Mint Apple (Sinful Colors). I had originally planned on doing more with it but the Mint Apple proved difficult. It’s hard to explain but it’s one of those polishes that just ends up really thick, even with just one coat. Because it was so goopy (new word time!) I knew that unless I let it dry for a few hours or a day it would end up peeling off with another layer of tape. Oh well, it looked good anyway, right? I wish I had cleaned it up a little better though. I was working with regular light and didn’t have the overhead on like an idiot so I missed a few things that I never saw until after the photos were taken. Ah well, such is life. Try to imagine this mani without the crappy cuticles and random spots of polish!

This manicure and the last both used Scotch tape. I don’t know why but that’s my favorite kind of manicure to do right now. It’s so fun and easy, not to mention it’s really a quick way to achieve perfect lines (which is good for someone who is so picky like me). Obviously this particular mani isn’t 100% perfect but that has more to do with me being a newbie than anything else. I have confidence that once I get a little more practice I’ll be able to do something damn near perfect… or I hope so at least!

Review Post #009

Well, I bought way too much nail polish again. I’m lucky I made some decent money from selling jewelry or else I would be in a world of hurt right about now… Unfortunately it seems that my desire to do my nails far outweighs my desire to create new jewelry so this might be something that will change in the future. Besides, I should probably wind down on the amount of polish I’m buying anyway. I need to keep my addiction in check =)

Anyway, I ended up buying 10 bottles:
1. Smokin’ Hot (Essie)
2. Mink Muffs (Essie)
3. Limo-scene (Essie)
4. Club Prive (L’oreal)
5. Safari Chic (L’oreal)
6. Audacious Asphalt (Maybelline)
7. Tenacious Teal (Maybelline)
8. Let’s Meet (Sinful Colors)
9. Mint Apple (Sinful Colors)
10. Hazard (Sinful Colors)

Of course anyone familiar with nail blogs knows that new purchases = lots of reviews. I’ve chosen four for this post.

First one up is Hazard by Sinful Colors.

I was immediately drawn to this color as soon as I saw it. In the bottle it’s a bright neon orange color that’s perfect for summer. It reminds me of being little and seeing this color a lot in the early 90s back when neon was big. Hazard proved to be as appealing on my nails as it was in the bottle. Sometimes polishes can look different once applied but this formula actually stays true to the color you see at first glance. The only thing I don’t like about this polish is that it’s kind of gooey (if that makes sense). It applies nicely but it’s sheer so like most polishes you have to apply several coats. Unfortunately every coat makes the polish thicker and thicker and it’s easy to end up with uneven nails as a result. I think once I get some practice with it this will no longer be an issue. Using a topcoat helped smooth things out as well.

The photo below isn’t a good picture so bear with me. I might actually go back and take better photos of each of these polishes in the future. I usually try to do them during the day time so I can utilize the sunlight as it does the most justice when it comes to snapping pictures. Unfortunately I tried these all at night so I had to use artificial light and it’s hard to find a good balance (at least with this iPhone 4). Hopefully I’ll get a “real” camera in the near future or find the one I lost during our move…

Next is actually not one of the new polishes but it’s one of the only Essie bottles I haven’t reviewed yet. It’s called Sand Tropez and it’s a gorgeous beige color. Beige is so neutral that it will go with anything. It’s almost the new black even.

At this point I probably don’t even need to mention that this formula applies beautifully as it is made by Essie. It’s also long-lasting too… even without a topcoat.

The polish below is none other than Smokin’ Hot by Essie. Unlike many polishes they gave it a genuinely descriptive name. This polish really is smoking hot. It could honestly pass as several different colors when it comes down to it. I was trying to think of a way to describe it but couldn’t pick which is most fitting. It’s basically a mix of dark grey, coal, and a deep, dark lavender color. It’s not purple hence the “lavender” description and it’s definitely not black. If you wore it with purple it would match well enough and the same goes for any other dark colors, really. Of course this polish also goes on easily and stays on just as well as long as you give it plenty of time to dry and set.

And last but not least is Tenacious Teal by Maybelline. I have never bought or used any polishes by them before so I was excited to try this one out. I was sort of let down at first but once I played with it a little I was actually really pleased. If you aren’t careful you can end up using too much and it can get too thick and messy quickly. I ended up doing two very thin coats to achieve the following and I was happy with it:

Hopefully I’ll be able to pull together an actual manicure or tutorial tomorrow but our Saturday is looking busy already. One of our neighbors is having his birthday party and another is having a cookout. My days are usually taken up by my son but my husband is home this weekend so perhaps I’ll be able to squeeze something in. Usually the way it works is that I’ll put my son down for his nap, paint my nails, and he always seems to wake up before they’re totally dry. It never fails. Thank god for nights and weekends though, right??

Polish Review #006

Today’s review is going to be on Essie’s Big Spender. I’ve basically reached the conclusion that all Essie polishes are simply fantastic and nothing less. Obviously this is a well established opinion among many bloggers and nail aficionados alike but I’m here to say it yet again nonetheless.

First of all, I love Essie’s brushes. They’re narrow and their formula does not glob up (so to speak) at the end of the brush. Once you apply it you can push down slightly and the brush fans out creating a very straight line that helps get perfect edges near your cuticles when utilized properly. I’m far from perfect when it comes to painting nails as you can probably see but the Essie polishes help make it look like I might even know what I’m doing, haha.

Secondly, their formula is amazing. Once again I know I’m stating the obvious but still… This stuff is wonderful! It goes on so smoothly and you could definitely get away with one coat if you’re in a hurry like I often am. Here’s a photo of my pointer finger after just one coat:

I swear on everything that this photo has not been retouched save the watermark and a little sharpening (the lighting was terrible and made it difficult for my phone to take a good photo that wasn’t blurry). I actually only used four brush strokes to achieve this. After a second coat the deal was sealed so to say. I knew I was in love after I finished my first nail!

Lastly the color is absolutely gorgeous. Big Spender is an extremely rich fuchsia color and it has tons of shine. You won’t even need a topcoat. I used one for a quick dry and longer wear but my nails would’ve looked just as good without.

This last photo is as true to the color as it gets. It really is that beautiful! This polish has now become one of my top five out of the 60 or so bottles I now own and love. Speaking of which, this morning I bought two bottles of Essie, three bottles of Sinful Colors, and two bottles of L’oreal polish. So far I’ve tried one of each and have to admit that I am not impressed by the latter two. I’m still going to give them a chance by trying the others out and I’ll post more about them later on.

Thanks for stopping by!