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So I am going to write three or four different posts today. The first is a collection of random things that don’t go anywhere else. I would like to introduce my son, Jameson. He LOVES getting a hold of my nail polish bottles which obviously isn’t a good thing most of the time. I would be in a world of trouble if he somehow opened one. However, I let him have it last night while I was re-organizing my collection. He went back and forth from the box of polish to a bedside table and started lining bottles of Essie polish up. It was freaking adorable.

He actually lined them up on this box top first. He did a pretty good job for a 19 month old!

Anyway, I don’t know about y’all but I love looking at other people’s collections. I wish I could have another “nail polish room” like I did in Virginia but our house here in North Carolina only has three bedrooms. Ah well. For now everything will have to stay in my dresser drawer.

Here’s a photo of the Revlon polishes I have. Revlon was the first brand I really liked and it’s available in pretty much any store that sells polish. It’s great quality stuff for the price (usually between $3.50 and $4.99 but sometimes more depending on which line; never over $8 though). Every bottle I’ve ever gotten has applied smoothly and stays on for up to a week without chipping in spite of washing dishes, changing diapers nonstop, etc. It’s a good brand to start out with if you’re just getting into nail polish.

More posts to come!


Take Me to Your Chateau by Color Club

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Today’s review is going to be for Take Me to Your Chateau by Color Club. This was one of the polishes I ordered online last week and I received it in the mail yesterday. I immediately tried it out and loved it. Click below for more.


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New Polishes!

Over the past few days I’ve been accumulating random polishes here and there. I found this amazing place called Wegman’s which is basically the best grocery store you’ll ever shop in. It had a cafe in the middle of it and even a bar. Had I not had my son with me I would’ve sat down and had myself a glass of wine before doing my shopping. It was pretty damn awesome, not to mention the selection they had. Like every other section their beauty area was massive and had every basic brand you could want. I’ve not come across a big chain store that carries this much nail polish though. They had the basics and more. I know the Wal-mart and Targets near me don’t have very good selections of Essie or OPI polishes but this place had so many available I didn’t know where to start.

Between Wegman’s and Wal-mart over the past week I’ve accrued the following:

Muse (Revlon)
Sew Psyched (Essie)
Wrapped in Rubies (Essie)
Navigate Her (Essie)
Cute as a Button (Essie)
Spice Romance (Rimmel)
Ocean Side (Sinful Colors)

My favorites out of these polishes are Navigate Her and Muse. I’m a huge fan of soft greens and khaki colors plus I had been ogling Navigate Her for a while now. It seems like a really popular polish and I can see why. Now my collection is getting to be a legitimate size for a nail blogger. I’ve noticed these huge stashes separate serious bloggers and those who use blogging as a hobby. I want to fall under the former category so I’ll keep on building my collection at this pace. I now have almost 80 bottles of polish! I think I started out with under 30 or 40 just a month ago so it’s safe to say I have a hefty addiction to polish at this point. At least it’s a fun addiction!

It might be a bit ghetto but…

Today I spent a couple of hours cleaning out our “crap room” (one of two extra bedrooms we currently have that was used to store anything from clothes to art supplies to furniture). My husband is a Marine officer and has been attending what is called TBS for the past few months. The total duration of TBS is only six months so we never really unpacked a lot of our belongings after the move because, well, why bother..?

We currently live in a four bedroom home and only need two bedrooms. One bedroom serves as the nursery for our 11 month old son and the other is obviously the master bedroom. I always enjoyed doing my nails in the master room but my hoard has gotten so big that despite the room being fairly large in size there was little space to store all of this polish. I got tired of having to dig through plastic containers to find what I needed so I decided to clean out this extra bedroom and turn it into a “polish room.”

Unfortunately for me I have little to work with. I made a sort of makeshift desk out of a shelf and two shoe racks (lol). I actually prefer sitting on the floor so no chair was needed. While my little station isn’t much it is certainly a start and I’m pretty proud of it considering the fact that I’ve only been doing this for about a month now. I have invested a lot of time and money into this blog and polish in general and I’m hoping to eventually establish a legitimate area for my obsessive hobby. I’m sure my husband appreciates not having to step over random bottles of polish in our bedroom floor and I no longer have to worry about our son somehow getting into a container and pulling something out.

Without further ado I present to you my super-duper fancy nail station:

That’s all for this post. I actually have a lot of time on my hands this weekend so I’ll probably post some other stuff I’ve had on the back burner either later tonight or tomorrow. Please check back for more posts and feel free to comment on anything!