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Manicure #007: Striking Stripes

This manicure was freehanded and took about half an hour. The base coat is Sand Tropez by Essie and the other stripes include Play Date (Essie), Big Spender (Essie), and Smokin’ Hot (Essie). At first I really wanted everything to be perfect so I actually used tape for the first stripe (the lilac color). I quickly realized I wasn’t going to have enough patience to let everything dry between stripes and decided to do it on my own. I actually kind of like the subtle imperfections but I wish–as always–I had done a better job with cleanup. I don’t know what my deal has been lately but I feel like my nails just look messy no matter what I do. I think it has to do mostly with my cuticles needing some serious help. They’re dry, uneven, and all around crappy looking. Tomorrow I’m heading to Sally’s Beauty Supply to find some cuticle remover and I might even push them back. I’ve read it’s best to avoid doing this too much so I’ll try to keep it to a minimum but I don’t think there’s any avoiding it if I want to keep things even. Anyway, here are lots of photos of this manicure. Please tell me what you think!

Are you sick of it yet? =)

Review Post #008 (a re-review)

I feel like I never gave Play Date by Essie a fair review because the photos I took then didn’t do it justice. I was in a hurry while applying the polish as I had several different kinds to try out and was a bit too excited. I’m sure you all know how that goes! Because of this I decided to sit down and show you how this polish actually looks when applied correctly (or at least as correctly as a beginner like myself can apply it, haha).

The first three photos used artificial lighting and the rest used natural sunlight. To the naked eye it looks more like the last few photos but in the right lighting it certainly appears to be a neon purple [as it looks in the first two photos]. Enjoy!

I would also like to share an update on a polish I applied a few days ago, Essie’s Fishnet Stockings. I wore it for two days and this photo was taken at the end of the 2nd day after hand washing a sink full of dishes. As you can see there is only one teensy tiny chip on the tip of my ring finger but the rest of it still looks absolutely flawless. I am becoming more and more convinced that my Essie polishes might just be the most superior brand in my quickly growing collection. At first I balked at the idea of spending $7.75 a bottle (you can get it for this price at Wal-mart which is as cheap as you’ll find it unless you have a card for a beauty supply store that carries it or find it online for a cheaper price) but then I realized it’s worth every penny. I would rather buy one bottle of Essie than two bottles of anything else. It’s about quality, not quantity, amiright?

Expect more posts as the day goes on!