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Review Post #012


It’s safe to say I need to take a break from purchasing polish after yesterday. I did not intend on buying so much but I definitely have an addiction. I don’t want for much and never really go shopping that often but for some reason polish is something I just have to have constantly (maybe because it’s freaking awesome?). Whatever the case I’m fine with it for the most part but when I think about how much money I’ve spent on my 95 bottles it kind of makes my head spin. If you average each bottle out to about $6.50 that’s a total of $617.50, I shit you not. Obviously much of my polish wasn’t purchased within the past few weeks as I’ve been collecting it over the years but still! I had no idea I’d spent so much money on nail lacquer…

Anyway, here’s my haul:

I also got another brand of cuticle remover after reading several good reviews in other blogs. This bottle is huge and it only cost a few bucks but it works extremely well nonetheless. As you can see in the following photos my cuticles were angry looking after I used it and sloughed off all that dead skin (gross…) but they look much better today.

Right now I’m just going to leave you with these swatches but I’ll come back later and edit this post to include actual reviews. I will say both polishes are gorgeous. I had high hopes for the Elle polish too because I paid $10 for each bottle which is probably the most expensive polish I’ve bought thus far. I’m used to seeing $8 for Essie and OPI but not this. Then again I’ve been looking at indie polishes on Etsy and it seems like a popular price for them is $12 a bottle. There seems to be an indie craze going on but I honestly can’t get on that wagon quite yet. I’m just not that in love with most of the polishes I’ve seen thus far. Maybe I need to keep looking around.

Click below for more gorgeous swatches!

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Manicure #003

I’m going to let the photos do the talking this time and save what I’ve got to say for another post. The first manicure was done using Mint (base) and Dreamer (both polishes by Revlon) and White on White by China Glaze. I also used a top coat by Revlon.

The second manicure was done using Swing baby (base) and Unplugged, both by China Glaze. I used plate number BM10 by Bundle Monster to achieve the giraffe-type pattern.

Polish Review #005

Okay, I’m ashamed to say my disdain for Revlon is waning. Their awesome, affordable polishes are clouding my judgment. I’ll explain:

A few posts ago I had disclosed my opinion on the whole Revlon mess regarding the stolen blog photos used in one of their campaigns. I vowed to never buy another bottle again but I’m starting to wonder if I can stick to that because not only do they make a quality product but what happened occurred because of the actions of one person and not the entire company. Upon further review it seems that they’ve actually handled the situation quite well (although not as well as they should–they should compensate the bloggers involved and no less). They have at least issued a public apology on their site and that’s a start. It couldn’t have been easy to admit that an employee of theirs straight up stole someone else’s property.

With all that being said I still can’t decide if I will buy any more of their products in the future. I feel like these sorts of things shouldn’t be taken lightly. People should think, “Well, it’s just a few photographs so I’ll look past it…” If people think that way it will certainly happen again. People continue to steal, lie, and cheat when there is no recourse for their actions. This is proven time and time again in all areas of life.

Anyway, I mention all of this because today’s review is of Revlon’s Mint polish. It’s a gorgeous aquamarine color and as always the formula they use applies easily, dries quickly, and looks amazing. I’ve pretty much run out of ways to say their polish is awesome–especially considering how affordable it is–so I’ll leave you with this: This stuff is the shit.

Please ignore my thumb nail. I actually applied this polish in low lighting so it’s kind of haggard on the edges. It’s also worth noting that these photos were taken almost three days after I applied the stuff. Looks good!