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Swatches for Strength by Mentality

Strength┬áis a rich brown polish that’s perfect for fall and can be purchased at Mentality’s etsy page for just $8.00.






I got my shipment from Mentality polishes finally! It included six bottles of polish and the one I’m reviewing today is called Laura. Naturally I wanted to start with it because not only is it my favorite, it’s also my name. I was not disappointed!

This is the third shipment I’ve gotten from Mentality in the past two months. It definitely won’t be the last. I now have 12 or 13 of her polishes and use them frequently. Quite honestly this indie brand makes one of my all time favorite polishes to date!



My collection of Mentality polishes.


The order I got yesterday, minus a bottle of Virginia.

On to the swatches for Laura! This polish is a beautiful and unique silver color with light green undertones (or is it a light green color with silver undertones?). Like all Mentality polishes it applies smoothly in just two coats and dries quickly. This one also has a matte finish which seems to be popular with Mentality as well. It wears well and even withstood a day full of hand washing dishes, wrangling toddlers, and cleaning rooms without a single chip. Usually most polishes end up with at least one chip by the end of my day and it’s almost always because of the dishes. I might as well get rid of our dish washer since I have to pre-wash them by hand and it’s like, what’s the point? But I’m getting off track, haha.

So… I really do recommend this brand to anyone. Click the link above and check out the Mentality etsy page! Below are some swatches.


I’m not sure why the focus is so screwy on this. It looks like I Photoshopped the crap out of it but I really haven’t!


This one is a little better but it got cloudy outside and made the photo darker. I’m against heavily altering nail photos (a.k.a. too lazy and unwilling to pay hundreds of dollars for Photoshop) and I’m pretty sure it shows but at the same time it’s nice to see what polish REALLY looks like in swatches. A lot of times I see photos and think, “This person clearly Photoshopped the crap outta this. Is this even remotely what the polish looks like..?” Does anyone else think this too? Anyway…

I have more swatches prepared for this polish but they have to be added to the computer first! I also have swatches ready for Not For Sale (Mentality). They will be up later today!


I Lost My Virginity…

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… to Indie polish! I got my first shipment today from Mentality polishes (which can be found on Etsy–I will provide a link to her page at the bottom of this post). I ordered Cart Jacked and 24k Gold. I brushed a little of the 24k Gold onto an existing mani (Timeless by Revlon, a really dark, dark green/blue color) and it looked absolutely gorgeous. I can’t wait to sit down and do a legitimate manicure with the stuff. Because of my excitement I didn’t get the best possible photos so hopefully in the future I will get some actual closeups that really showcase the individual glitters used in this polish. From what I can tell it’s mostly large amounts of teensy tiny gold and pink dust with larger hexagonal pink glitters mixed in. This polish only requires one coat but two coats looks best. Three would probably make you have a seizure, haha.

Onto the photos!

Here’s a closeup of the two bottles I received.

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