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So I am going to write three or four different posts today. The first is a collection of random things that don’t go anywhere else. I would like to introduce my son, Jameson. He LOVES getting a hold of my nail polish bottles which obviously isn’t a good thing most of the time. I would be in a world of trouble if he somehow opened one. However, I let him have it last night while I was re-organizing my collection. He went back and forth from the box of polish to a bedside table and started lining bottles of Essie polish up. It was freaking adorable.

He actually lined them up on this box top first. He did a pretty good job for a 19 month old!

Anyway, I don’t know about y’all but I love looking at other people’s collections. I wish I could have another “nail polish room” like I did in Virginia but our house here in North Carolina only has three bedrooms. Ah well. For now everything will have to stay in my dresser drawer.

Here’s a photo of the Revlon polishes I have. Revlon was the first brand I really liked and it’s available in pretty much any store that sells polish. It’s great quality stuff for the price (usually between $3.50 and $4.99 but sometimes more depending on which line; never over $8 though). Every bottle I’ve ever gotten has applied smoothly and stays on for up to a week without chipping in spite of washing dishes, changing diapers nonstop, etc. It’s a good brand to start out with if you’re just getting into nail polish.

More posts to come!