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September Giganta-haul

Yep, giganta-haul! It’s a word now 🙂 So I have bought way too many polishes this month… Many haven’t even arrived yet. I also made my first ever trip to Ulta which resulted in a $107 tab. Looking back on it, I spent WAY too much money there. That place is so expensive! I should have just ordered the polishes I got from their actual companies or Amazon or something… But they were right in front of me and so gorgeous that I couldn’t help myself (like the addict I am, I know…).

I’m breaking them down into lots of photos. Some of them have multiple photos to better show the actual polish (since they’re, you know, so freakin’ gorgeous!).

First up we have the Deborah Lippmanns. I’ve obviously seen this polish in various blogs for a long time now and had even browsed their store online. I shied away from ordering any due to the price but after seeing so many gorgeous swatches and reading so many great reviews, I finally broke down when I saw so many pretty DLs in front of me at Ulta! I bought two 15ml bottles. 

When I went to checkout the girl behind the counter slipped three free mini Deborah Lippmans in my bag too! She was so nice and began a conversation that eventually lead to her asking about the polish I was wearing at the time (my own, Sweet Sixteen). She flattered me by saying it was awesome looking and she would visit the shop. I’m doubting she ever ended up visiting it but I was still happy nonetheless!

ANYWAY… I’m getting off track… The three minis are all magnetic polishes that came with a wave-producing magnet. Now, I’ve never tried any of the magnetic polishes before because I never much cared for them but I tried Magic Man out on a nail and was amazed! It was absolutely gorgeous and the whole magnet deal was really cool too (I know, I’m late to that party).


L to R: Glitter in the Air, Magic Man, Punk Princess, Hard Knock Life, Fake It Til You Make It


The little freebie box the clerk gave me!


L to R: Tomoko, Rikki, Sailor, Hazel, Solange

Now onto the Zoya polishes… Yet another brand I have seen all over but never tried. Of course all the amazing reviews were true to their word because they are GORGEOUS!



(Click to enlarge so you can really see the polishes up close!)


L to R: Get Your NumberIt’s All San Andreas’s Fault


L to R: After Party, Material Girl

(Sorry about the weird angle but my reflection was super distracting.)


L to R: Wallis, Gobsmacked, Chancer

I actually got the BL polishes earlier this month but they’re still included in my September haul because I haven’t posted about them yet… Obviously I also got some other polishes like the two Pretty Jelly polishes but I never mentioned the BL polishes so they’ll go here 🙂


L to R: Purple Glam, Orange Gleam

Okay, so I was at the pharmacy picking up a prescription and saw this makeup stand for a brand I’d never seen before called Jordana. Honestly, my expectations weren’t high but the $1.50 price tag on both the polishes meant I couldn’t refuse, haha. I got the two glitter polishes of the bunch and “reluctantly” tried them for the blog. I was floored when they ended up being AMAZING! Both are gorgeous and apply really well. I will definitely do a full review in the future for this brand because it really deserves one.



Here’s yet another brand I had never seen before. I got this one during my Ulta haul. It’s obviously a pretty vampy fall-type color and from what I can see it looks nice.



And last but not least, a bottle of Revlon. Honestly, I haven’t been buying much Revlon polish in the past six or so months because I own so many of them already (I think about 30 now!) and already have the ones I like. However, while I was at Ulta I saw one I hadn’t seen before and given the fact that Revlon is tried and true I had to have it.

Welp, that’s it! I am expecting a few bottles of indie polishes over the next few days and I’ll post about them too. Have a lovely week!

September Haul

New month, new haul… right? Some of these are old and some of them are new. I’m behind on the textured polish trend because I honestly didn’t like it at all until just recently (but I adore it now!) so a lot of these have been posted before on other blogs. However, I’ve never been one to check on whether or not my posts include the most up-to-date polishes. I would like to do more of that though so I’m beginning to make it a point to find newly minted colors. I’m pretty sure I found some stuff that comes from 2013 fall collections so without further adieu, my September haul:


(Click photo to enlarge.)

First up are the glitter polishes! From L to R we have…

  1. You Tacht to Know Better by Finger Paints
  2. Hue Brighten my Day by Finger Paints
  3. Call the Coppers by Nina Ultra Pro
  4. Glamrock by Nina Ultra Pro (Glamrock was swatched and reviewed in my last post.)
  5. Peaceful Opposition by ORLY



Aren’t they gorgeous?! I took closeup photos of these so you could really see the glitter. The lighting became altered between each photo due to changes in my position but the photos are true to their beauty!


(Click photos to enlarge.)

And then we have the China Glaze and Seche Vites… Sally’s Beauty Supply had a “buy one, get one” sale on the Seche Vite which I had to take advantage of! You can never have enough topcoat anyway (this time I got a base coat too… we’ll see how it goes!). From L to R:

  1. Kiss My Glass by China Glaze
  2. First Matte by China Glaze
  3. Base Coat by Seche Vite
  4. Dry Fast Top Coat by Seche Vite


(Click photo to enlarge.)

Now for the textured polishes I picked up! From L to R:

  1. Sweetie from the Sugar Coat line of Sally Hansen
  2. Sugar Fix from the Sugar Coat line of Sally Hansen
  3. Unrefined by China Glaze
  4. Blue-Berry Sweet on You from the Gumdrops line by Nicole by O.P.I.



(Click photo to enlarge.)

Remember when I got three bottles of polish from Spellbound Nails and two of them were broken? Well, when I placed an order for two more bottles from her shop she was kind enough to include the original polishes that didn’t make it one piece. She even left a sweet handwritten note in the box! Now to the polish! From L to R:

  1. Pishsalver/Drink Me! by Spellbound Nails
  2. Upelkuchen/Eat me! by Spellbound Nails
  3. Jaded for Green by Spellbound Nails
  4. Lilac You by Spellbound Nails

I will start swatching more of these beauties as soon as possible. I have tried every single one on at least one nail though and so far, so good!