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Manicure #003

I’m going to let the photos do the talking this time and save what I’ve got to say for another post. The first manicure was done using Mint (base) and Dreamer (both polishes by Revlon) and White on White by China Glaze. I also used a top coat by Revlon.

The second manicure was done using Swing baby (base) and Unplugged, both by China Glaze. I used plate number BM10 by Bundle Monster to achieve the giraffe-type pattern.

Manicure #002

My last post that included manicures featured three different styles. However, this is my second post dedicated to a manicure and as such it will be considered number two. I mention this because I’m slightly O.C.D. when it comes to how I format each post. Each post needs a theme so it can be applied to the appropriate category on the menu to the right. This will allow for easy searching when I one day have readers.

This manicure is referred to as an “ombre” manicure. It can be achieved in different ways but mine has been done by taking a makeup sponge (the kind you can buy an entire bag of for no more than $2 at most big stores like Target or Wal-mart), painting several lines of different color polishes, and sponging them on an already painted nail. It helps if you paint your nails a light color like white or the lightest color you want to use so the fade effect really pops. However, you can go as crazy as you want from there!

I, however, stuck to a pretty demure set of colors. For this manicure I used White on White by China Glaze as the base coat and Chic, Dreamer, and Timeless, all by Revlon. As much as I hate to admit it at this point all of the Revlon polishes transferred easily from sponge to nail.

One thing I love about ombre manicures is that you can easily correct them by adding more or less of any one color. They’re also great because you don’t need much time to create a very cool looking manicure that will surely grab peoples’ attention.

I will post a tutorial on ombre nails either tomorrow or sometime later on this week. Thanks for reading!

Polish review #001

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I’ve decided to start doing polish reviews to mix things up a bit. It seems like nail blogs are usually one or the other and I want to incorporate both tutorials and reviews. Ultimately I would like to expand to other areas but will be sticking with this basic format for now.

Another thing I would like to start doing is holding contests. Unfortunately I have almost zero readers at this point so I have to wonder, is a contest worth it when only a few people would enter? In order to resolve this I would have to leave the contest open for a good while before picking a name. We’ll visit this idea more in future posts though! I’ve got some great stuff I would love to give away in order to A.) make people happy and B.) garner more followers.

Alright, onto the polish reviews. The first is Dreamer by Revlon. I’m a huge fan of Revlon products because they’re affordable (roughly $3-$5 depending on which type of polish you purchase and where you buy it from) yet they’re still as good as more expensive polishes. Side by side you cannot tell the difference between Revlon and brands like Essie, OPI, Orly, etc. At least I can’t! Then again I’m new to this so maybe my eye hasn’t developed well enough quite yet, haha. Anyway, this polish goes on smoothly and is very easy to work with. It only needs two or three coats and is shiny whether you use a top coat or not. It should also last for at least a week as long as you let it dry long enough.

Next one is a neon blue color by Cynthia Rowley (there is no name on the bottle). I got this in a set of two for a few bucks at TJ Maxx. I absolutely adored this color the moment I laid eyes on it. Application wise it goes on like a dream but once it dries it becomes sort of matte-like. Whether or not this is what it’s supposed to do I am not sure. It does not state it is a matte polish on the bottle. Regardless of this it still takes just two to three coats. I added Revlon’s quick drying top coat to make it dry faster and shine a little.

Lastly I have this lovely red color. It’s Cherry by Revlon and it is one of my all time favorite polishes! I have already used half the bottle. It pays homage to the classic red color that inspired people in the early 20th century. It goes with just about anything and looks beautiful no matter what kind of lighting it is subjected to. It applies better than just about any other polish I have tried (oddly enough it goes on better than any other Revlon polishes I have tried which amounts to about 25 in all). It lasts whether you use a top coat and it also looks good no matter how many coats you apply. Definitely my favorite polish I’ve used thus far!

That’s it for my first post with polish reviews. I leave you with another photo, this time of China Glaze’s Sunset Sail and Bundle Monster’s flower stamp from plate BM02. The white polish used was China Glaze’s White on White .

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!