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So I was at the MCX (Marine Corps Exchange store on base that is basically like a Target that also sells designer stuff) today and found a whole stand full of butter by London polish for just $11 a bottle! I wish I hadn’t spent nearly $30 on the two bottles I ordered online last night. I thought I was being thrifty too because I had found websites selling them for up to $15 or even more but apparently I was missing out. 


Of course I picked up two bottles while I was there. I got Jasper and Bossy Boots. I also picked up a polish by Sally Hansen called Fuzz-sea. Fuzz-sea is part of their newer line of “fuzzy” polishes and I hadn’t seen them ever before (which is why I’m assuming it’s at least new-ish). They were really awesome looking so I picked up the bottle that was a mix of yellows, greens, and blues; very summery! 

Obviously I’m a huge fan of butter by London so this “review” will be short but very sweet. Here are the two colors on a nail wheel:



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