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This is one of very few text only posts you’ll ever see on this site. It’s a place to vent about some of your pet peeves in the “nail world.” I touched on one of my big pet peeves in the last entry: overly Photoshopped photos. I have more though… and sometimes I just have to bitch and get it off my chest, haha. Some of these aren’t exactly pet peeves but more like trends I just don’t understand. Here goes…

  • Pointed nails. I do NOT understand this phenomenon. Fortunately this trend seems to be on the decline but I still see it in blogs frequently enough to warrant a place on this list. Man, those things must be so impractical. Think about being intimate with anyone else (don’t let your mind wander too far, I’m just talking about everyday contact like hugs, hand-holding, etc.). Also think about small things like trying to use loofahs in the shower without them getting hung up on your nails. I truly understand fashion doesn’t always favor comfortable trends but this is one I’ll never get.
  • Overly Photoshopped photos. Yep, I already complained about this one but after my daily blog surfing I was once again reminded of this prolific occurrence in the nail world. I am NOT speaking against tweaking photos in small ways but if your fingers look like they belong on a mannequin because there are no wrinkles or imperfections then you might be Photoshopping your pictures too much.  It really does undermine the entire nail blog world when people do this. A lot of people see these photos and become frustrated because they can’t attain the same exact results. Well, it’s no wonder… Those results aren’t realistic to begin with.
  • Anything 3D that sticks out a lot. It always catches on something and falls off within minutes (hours if you’re lucky) and usually ruins the manicure underneath it. Yeah, it looks cute to put a bow on an accent nail but let’s get realistic: It NEVER lasts. It’s not enduring. I understand doing it for a night out but I still don’t get this trend where women put all kinds of stuff all over their nails. Another thing I don’t understand? Nail piercings. What the… I just don’t even have words for that one.

I’ll come back and add more when I’m not so distracted by the TV. I know there’s more, ha. This post makes me sound whiney and that’s fine. There are just certain things I don’t like or will never understand.

What are some of your pet peeves or trends you don’t understand in the nail world?

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As of July 2013: I'm currently 25 and married to a wonderful Marine officer named John. As of January 2013 we live in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. Together we have a 22 month old son named Jameson. I went to school at the University of Mississippi and am originally from Rome, GA. I have also lived in SC, VT, and VA. Last but not least I love anything having to do with nails and jewelry! This blog is entirely about nails and while I'm a total beginner it's fun all the same.

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  1. Nail piercings were huge in the 80s/90s and I thought they were so cool. Now I can’t imagine putting a hole in my nubs! I would cry at the damage.


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