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Mini Haul: piCture pOlish, Maybelline, and Wet ‘n Wild.

About two weeks ago I ordered three polishes from Australian indie brand pIcture pOlish. I’ve been seeing and hearing about them for a while now and decided to finally make an order. I figured it would take a few weeks for the polish to get here since it was flat rate shipping but lo and behold it was here in just one week! That means they received my order and had it packaged up and shipped out within a day or two which I really appreciate, especially for a smaller company that gets so many orders. I have tried their polishes but won’t do a formal review until later on. I will say I’m going to be purchasing more in the near future!

The other polishes I’ve gotten recently are Pretty in Polka and Blue Marks the Spot by Maybelline and I Need a Refresh-Mint by Wet ‘n Wild. I’ll do a review with these soon enough as well but from what I’ve tried so far I can say they’re awesome, especially the Maybelline polishes. They’re truly unique as far as big brands go and they look great.




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As of July 2013: I'm currently 25 and married to a wonderful Marine officer named John. As of January 2013 we live in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. Together we have a 22 month old son named Jameson. I went to school at the University of Mississippi and am originally from Rome, GA. I have also lived in SC, VT, and VA. Last but not least I love anything having to do with nails and jewelry! This blog is entirely about nails and while I'm a total beginner it's fun all the same.

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  1. Pretty in Polka is one of my favorite polishes. Great haul!

    • I was really pleased with it! I think it’s pretty awesome to see an international brand like this make an “indie” type of polish (at least that’s the first thing I thought of when I saw it). It’s more affordable than a lot of indie polishes and you can get it at any drug/grocery store.


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