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Sew Psyched by Essie and Girly by Revlon

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Today’s reviews are for Sew Psyched by Essie and Girly by Revlon.

Could I have picked two polishes any more opposite? Nope, I don’t think so! Both were purchased at a local drug store for their regular prices (Essie is roughly $8.00 a bottle and Revlon is usually about $4.99 a bottle).

First up is Sew Psyched.


After applying Sew Psyched I immediately thought, “You know what? This looks EXACTLY like “Marine” green! It’s the exact same color of every Marine’s PT (physical training) shirt, the same color of their shorts, and the same color as several other Marine items commonly used including various pieces of equipment.

I mention this because I’m married to a Marine. However, I’m not one of those military wives that wants everyone in the world to know I’m married to a Marine 24/7 so after applying this polish I was actually having second thoughts about keeping it on. Women here at Camp Lejeune overdo the whole, “My husband is a Marine!” thing and I try to avoid that but it’s a whole other topic altogether 🙂

Basically, I decided to only wear it for two days and these photos were taken on the second day after some dish washing, laundry, etc. I’m also raising a toddler which takes its toll on any kind of polish. In addition to that I ride horses which is even worse! Essie polishes, however, always seem to survive the day-to-day wear and tear fairly well, especially when a topcoat (like any of Revlon’s) are applied. If you aren’t as active as me you can usually get an Essie polish to last a good week without a single chip which is just awesome. This polish is no different, I imagine.

As for the formula it’s typical of Essie. There are no bubbles, clumps, or bumps. Application is smooth, the brush tip makes it easy to keep your strokes controlled, and it only requires two coats most of the time. (Did that not just sound like a “that’s what she said” joke? Sorry, I have a dirty mind…)

Now for the swatches!



Now onto Girly by Revlon! I have been borderline obsessed with glitter polishes lately and have been stocking up on them quite frequently. Some of my favorites have been by Revlon and Nicole by OPI. This particular glitter polish has larger hexagonal glitter in violet, light pink, and hot pink and it also has tiny pieces of glitter in metallic pink. The actual polish is a lavender color so if you use it on a “naked” nail it will be mostly see through but it will also have a lavender tint. I, however, used it on top of two coats of Cloud by Revlon.

This glitter polish applies exactly how it looks in the bottle (as does the base coat, Cloud). You really only need one coat unless you’re going for a super-duper glittered out look. Can you handle the glitter? 😉 If so, this is a great polish for you! Swatches below.


Definitely not the best photos but I was in a hurry. Whatever the case you can still get “the point”: this glitter is awesome!


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