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My Haul and Some Tricks of the Trade

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So today I splurged… a lot. Not only did I pick up 17 bottles of polish, I also got some tools needed to do some proper “Franken polishing.” For those of you who may not know, franken polishing is when you mix together existing polishes or totally create your own from clear polish while using anything from eye shadow pigments to the actual chemicals involved in order to create legitimate polish. I have long wanted to create my own polish and this Indie kick has certainly made my desire even stronger.

All told I bought:

  1. butter London’s Jaffa
  2. butter London’s Royal Navy
  3. butter London’s Dosh
  4. China Glaze’s Lightning Bolt (crackle polish)
  5. China Glaze’s Scattered and Tattered
  6. China Glaze’s White on White (which I already own and love!)
  7. China Glaze’s Sweet Hook
  8. Nicole by OPI’s Selena
  9. Finger Paints’ Hue Left a Message?
  10. Finger Paints’ Vintage Vincent
  11. ORLY’s Harmonious Mess
  12. Revlon’s Spirit (a white I tested on the spot and it’s definitely not sheer!)
  13. Three bottles of Sally Hansen’s Diamond Strength No Chip Nail Color (clear polish)
  14. Two bottles of Cover Girl’s Outlast clear polish
  15. A plastic pallet set from Michael’s for mixing/”Frankening”
  16. Four glass jars for finished products (each are 2 oz. so they’re large)
  17. Six packs of fine glitter in white, gold, copper, silver, charcoal, and twilight
  18. Revlon’s Matte coat (my first matte polish)
  19. Adhesive faux pearls from Michael’s (the cheaper version of the stuff you buy at Sally’s Beauty Supply or any other similar store)
  20. More acetone–you can never have enough!

So there’s my haul. Believe it or not I spent less than $100! Where do the “tricks of the trade” come in? Read below!

How is that possible? Sally’s Beauty Supply, the Marine Corps Exchange (thank you, $11.00 bottles of butter London polish!), and Michael’s craft store where you can find all kinds of things to put on your nails for half the cost. Just check out the scrap-booking or beading aisles and let your imagination run wild. I even came across some really cool glitters that are a fraction of the cost of what was being sold at Sally’s and it was virtually the same stuff, chemicals and all. We’ll see if it’s worth it later on but I have no doubt the quality will be at least the same as the more expensive stuff.

Now when it comes to Sally’s it’s important to take advantage of their AMAZING deals for card holders. I got mine about a year ago and have saved an amazing amount of money. Usually an average trip to that store for me ends up with me spending around $30. I am not exaggerating when I say using that card often takes off up to $10 of that overall cost. Not only that but they continually have special deals for cardholders and they also get rid of older polishes. Two of the China Glaze polishes I picked up were for $2.99 and $3.99 because they had been on the shelf for a while. They were in a bucket full of amazing stuff. I tested it out to make sure it was still good quality and it was. China Glaze for less than $3.00 and $4.00? Yes, please!

What I would really like to do is get online and order tons of empty polish bottles so I can get into Indie polish on a legitimate level but I obviously need to do a lot of experimenting first. I would really like to start making it from scratch rather than using things like clear polish, eye shadow, glitter, etc. Ultimately it would be cool to reach a point where I could have some kind of contract with a company for something to be mass produced but I’m getting WAY ahead of myself. That’s the child in me dreaming away though 😉

I will certainly post photos and updates of everything as I organize it all away. Because of the high volume of products I am going to have to rearrange everything yet AGAIN! Not only that but I am going to catalog each brand with photos so that will take a while. I might be making another post here in a few hours. Until then, adieu!

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  1. I almost picked up Sweet Hook today can’t wait to see what you do with it. It’s good to have dreams keep at it.


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