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Take Me to Your Chateau by Color Club

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Today’s review is going to be for Take Me to Your Chateau by Color Club. This was one of the polishes I ordered online last week and I received it in the mail yesterday. I immediately tried it out and loved it. Click below for more.




I will add more photos whenever PB decides to stop acting weird! For whatever reason it takes a while for edited photos to appear changed so I end up with the frameless version. I’m too OCD to let a few photos slide so more will be up soon enough.

Back to the review. I loved this polish and now I understand why so many people are huge fans. I will definitely be ordering more polish from Color Club in the near future. They have a huge selection of colors including this pastel sky blue pictured above. I had been looking for a good sky blue for a while. I wanted it to be downright pastel, if that makes sense. A lot of sky blues end up being “thin” with their color (they don’t have much of a visual punch). Either that or the ones I’ve found seem to have a slight shimmer to them which I’m not a huge fan of (this is the reason I don’t purchase many metallics). On a scale of 1 to 10 I give this polish a solid 8.

In the mean time he’s a random photo of my collection so far. I began collection in July of 2012 and went on a hiatus from September 2012 to May 2013. I just began collecting again this month and at this point I have lost count of how many polishes I have. I’m going to guesstimate and say it’s probably around the 200 mark. My husband thinks I’m legitimately crazy at this point and maybe he’s right. I know most people think this is a borderline addiction but at least it isn’t something worse… right? Haha.

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As of July 2013: I'm currently 25 and married to a wonderful Marine officer named John. As of January 2013 we live in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. Together we have a 22 month old son named Jameson. I went to school at the University of Mississippi and am originally from Rome, GA. I have also lived in SC, VT, and VA. Last but not least I love anything having to do with nails and jewelry! This blog is entirely about nails and while I'm a total beginner it's fun all the same.

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  1. That’s a great color! It reminds me of CC Factory Girl which has been on my wish list for a while. I completely understand how tough it is to find a great “sky” color, it’s not supposed to glimmer. The painting is an artistic and therapeutic hobby. So what if it’s painting on nails and not paper, at least you’ll never run out of wall space and the canvas is free. šŸ˜€

    • You are so right. I’m actually a painter and have even sold some of my work but I find polish so much more fun to work with. You get to carry the “artwork” around with you and you can change it so easily. It takes just five or 10 minutes to change the overall feel of any look you’re walking out the door with (unless it’s super complex, of course). I think the reason I became so attracted to painting nails has everything to do with how similar it is to painting on canvas.


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