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So I was at the MCX (Marine Corps Exchange store on base that is basically like a Target that also sells designer stuff) today and found a whole stand full of butter by London polish for just $11 a bottle! I wish I hadn’t spent nearly $30 on the two bottles I ordered online last night. I thought I was being thrifty too because I had found websites selling them for up to $15 or even more but apparently I was missing out. 


Of course I picked up two bottles while I was there. I got Jasper and Bossy Boots. I also picked up a polish by Sally Hansen called Fuzz-sea. Fuzz-sea is part of their newer line of “fuzzy” polishes and I hadn’t seen them ever before (which is why I’m assuming it’s at least new-ish). They were really awesome looking so I picked up the bottle that was a mix of yellows, greens, and blues; very summery! 

Obviously I’m a huge fan of butter by London so this “review” will be short but very sweet. Here are the two colors on a nail wheel:



Click below to see more!

First of all I love the bottles this polish comes in. They’re made so you can use the square you see in the photo above or you can remove that and it becomes a smaller “handle” of sorts. The polish itself is just as aesthetically pleasing and there’s little I can say to convey this enough. Unfortunately the photos I have taken aren’t stellar and don’t showcase the true awesomeness of this polish but like I’ve said before, I’m a little rusty and the lighting wasn’t ideal. The photos will get better (or at least as good as they were before I went AWOL). 



Next up is Fuzz-sea by Sally Hansen. This fun polish is a mixture of canary yellow, sea foam green, and sky blue pieces of “sprinkle” glitter. The polish applies smoothly and doesn’t need a top coat like most glitter polishes do. Here’s a photo of what it looks like by itself:



And a photo of it on top of butter by London’s Jasper:



The last product up is this nail polish remover I got yesterday. I had no idea it would be different than anything I’d bought before. When I opened it I didn’t see the typical sponge with slits in it but saw a sort of pocket surrounded by teeth (for lack of better words). You stick your finger in the pocket and even if you pull it out almost immediately it still does an amazing job with removing the polish! I had no trouble removing Fuzz-sea, even. 



This polish remover is made by Up & Up and can be found at Target. It’s less than $2 and by far the best remover I’ve ever used! I’m glad I stumbled across it.

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As of July 2013: I'm currently 25 and married to a wonderful Marine officer named John. As of January 2013 we live in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. Together we have a 22 month old son named Jameson. I went to school at the University of Mississippi and am originally from Rome, GA. I have also lived in SC, VT, and VA. Last but not least I love anything having to do with nails and jewelry! This blog is entirely about nails and while I'm a total beginner it's fun all the same.

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  1. I like your swatches. I picked up Fuzz-sea at Target tonight but it never made it home, the cashier didn’t ring it. 😦

    • I loved it. I haven’t seen anything quite like it before which is awesome. Not only that but it actually looks great too, especially given the fact that it’s perfect for summer. That is so maddening the cashier didn’t ring it up! Definitely go back and get it so you can post some photos of how it works out for you!


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