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Alright, I have quite a few reviews backlogged from the week I was visiting family. As you can see my  mother donated plenty of polish to add to my obsession. I got to try <b>Butter by London</b> for the first time and it is as wonderful as I had been hearing. I also got to try quite a few other brands (I’ll post more about them later).

Rather than talk a lot like I normally do I’ll try my best to get right down to business!

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First polish of the day (night?) is Lilacing Discipline by Nina Ultra Pro. Unlike most polish names this one is actually kind of clever (or am I giving it too much credit..?). Whatever the case, it’s better than most and the name’s uniqueness matches the actual quality. Nina Ultra Pro is a brand I only stumbled upon recently while trying to make the most of a sale at Sally’s. At first glance I admit to judging a polish by its bottle. Quite honestly it’s clumsy looking and I didn’t think it would amount to much. Well, I was wrong. It has quickly become one of my favorite brands and although I only have a few I plan to increase my collection as soon as possible. The formula they use is fabulous and the colors they offer are nothing short of wonderful. I also thought it would apply horrendously because the brush is large but once again I was wrong. I’m not normally a huge fan of bigger brushes but this one seemed to fit my nails perfectly. This one gets an A+.

Next up is Slapper (Butter by London). I don’t have much to say about this polish other than… it’s freaking awesome! I have seen it all over other blogs but hadn’t been able to find it in local stores. (Then again I live in the middle of nowhere right now so that’s no surprise.) I’m not huge on ordering stuff online because it’s too damn easy and I would go crazy if I started purchasing stuff that way. Instead I prefer doing it in person which is unfortunate because I tend to miss out on lots of amazing brands. This is one of those instances. This polish is amazing in every way you can imagine: color, formula, consistency… Everything is grade A.

Lastly we have Smooth Sailing. For me this polish was love at first sight. I’m a humongous fan of blue so naturally I was drawn to it immediately but the fact that it’s an Essie polish sealed the deal for me. Naturally it’s a wonderful formula and the consistency is fabulous. Another thing I love about it? The subtle amount of sparkles. I’m not a huge fan of metallics or sparkles but this one is just enough of both without going overboard.

If you’re interested in a more in depth look at Essie brand polishes just click the “Essie” tag at the top of the post.

This polish really shimmers in natural sunlight!

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