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Tutorial #005: Ombre Nails

Ombre nails are some of the most awesome patterns a person can do. You wouldn’t know it by looking at them but they’re easy to achieve, even for a beginner. In fact, they’re hard to mess up as long as you use the right polishes and good sponges.

Keep on reading for the actual tutorial and tons of photos of other ombre manicures!

What you’ll need:
Big Spender by Essie
Don’t Pretzel my Buttons! by OPI
White on White by China Glaze
Quick Dry Topcoat by Revlon
– Makeup Sponges
– Acetone, Q-tips, and cotton balls for cleanup

1.) Paint your base color. If you’re going to use a light polish be sure to use darker colors to offset the base and if you’re going to use a dark base apply light colors.

2.) Take your sponge and paint your first color on the bottom. Leave each bottle’s brush unscrewed for easy access.

3.) Paint your second and third colors. It does not matter if they run into one another. In fact that’s a plus because it will help the colors blend more. Of course if you want a more choppy look you can keep them slightly apart but if you want an extremely slow fade you’ll want to mix them a little.

4.) Apply the sponge to the nail. Start patting it in order to blend everything together. Do this as little or as much as you want. Just play with it to see what you like and don’t worry if each nail turns out a little different than the last. It’s hard to get them all exactly the same but the beauty lies in the fact that it’s hard to notice as long as you’ve blended everything well.

5.) Now you should have an ombre nail! Touch up any areas you may have missed by applying more polish to the sponge and patting the nail again. Don’t worry if your finger gets messy either. Instead focus on the nail and worry about cleanup later.

6.) Take a q-tip dipped in acetone and clean the edges of your nail. Do this immediately after each nail has been painted. The sooner you clean the extra polish up the easier it is to remove.

7.) Paint a topcoat to smooth your nails out. Don’t worry if everything looks a bit choppy beforehand. A nice topcoat will really bring everything together and make it look amazing.

More ombre nails:

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