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Polish Review #007

I told you it was a slow day for me! A few minutes after posting my last manicure I decided to go ahead and review the other bottle of Essie polish I purchased, Fishnet Stockings.

Okay, first of all I hate the name. It inspires images of fish sticks and prostitutes for me and it’s pretty obvious as to why. I’m sure that’s probably not the case for most people but it bears mentioning nonetheless. Of course most polishes aren’t known for their alluring names now are they? Many of them are just downright ridiculous. It’s almost as if the companies that make these polishes are trying to be humorous in a way. I often wonder though… If they’re being serious about some of these names, what the hell are they thinking??? Before I get going what do you think is the worst polish name you’ve come across? Let me know in the comments section!

Now onto the actual review. Per usual Essie has made another stellar polish. This red color is absolutely classic and can be paired with just about anything outfit wise. It can dress up a casual getup or it can add some fun to an otherwise boring look. I’ve always loved this cherry red polish and I’m glad I finally bought a bottle of it from Essie. I’m starting to think they’re the best brand of polish I’ve used thus far. (So far the brands I own include Revlon, China Glaze, Essie, L’oreal, Fast n Dry, Sinful Colors, Urban Outfitters, Orly, Sally Hansen… There are more I’m forgetting.) I used to think Revlon’s version of this popular color was my favorite but Essie has officially won me over.

As always this polish goes on smooth, it’s easy to work with, it doesn’t become sticky or clumped up, and it’s so shiny you don’t even need a topcoat (however I added one for a faster drying time). Not only this but it looks fantastic after just one coat. Make it two and you’ll have an amazing set of nails!

One more thing: I have taken several different photos in various kinds of light including natural lighting outside, natural lighting inside, and in one photo I used a flash. This variance of lighting really shows how consistently amazing this polish looks no matter where you are.

What do you think of Fishnet Stockings?

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