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Polish Review #006

Today’s review is going to be on Essie’s Big Spender. I’ve basically reached the conclusion that all Essie polishes are simply fantastic and nothing less. Obviously this is a well established opinion among many bloggers and nail aficionados alike but I’m here to say it yet again nonetheless.

First of all, I love Essie’s brushes. They’re narrow and their formula does not glob up (so to speak) at the end of the brush. Once you apply it you can push down slightly and the brush fans out creating a very straight line that helps get perfect edges near your cuticles when utilized properly. I’m far from perfect when it comes to painting nails as you can probably see but the Essie polishes help make it look like I might even know what I’m doing, haha.

Secondly, their formula is amazing. Once again I know I’m stating the obvious but still… This stuff is wonderful! It goes on so smoothly and you could definitely get away with one coat if you’re in a hurry like I often am. Here’s a photo of my pointer finger after just one coat:

I swear on everything that this photo has not been retouched save the watermark and a little sharpening (the lighting was terrible and made it difficult for my phone to take a good photo that wasn’t blurry). I actually only used four brush strokes to achieve this. After a second coat the deal was sealed so to say. I knew I was in love after I finished my first nail!

Lastly the color is absolutely gorgeous. Big Spender is an extremely rich fuchsia color and it has tons of shine. You won’t even need a topcoat. I used one for a quick dry and longer wear but my nails would’ve looked just as good without.

This last photo is as true to the color as it gets. It really is that beautiful! This polish has now become one of my top five out of the 60 or so bottles I now own and love. Speaking of which, this morning I bought two bottles of Essie, three bottles of Sinful Colors, and two bottles of L’oreal polish. So far I’ve tried one of each and have to admit that I am not impressed by the latter two. I’m still going to give them a chance by trying the others out and I’ll post more about them later on.

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As of July 2013: I'm currently 25 and married to a wonderful Marine officer named John. As of January 2013 we live in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. Together we have a 22 month old son named Jameson. I went to school at the University of Mississippi and am originally from Rome, GA. I have also lived in SC, VT, and VA. Last but not least I love anything having to do with nails and jewelry! This blog is entirely about nails and while I'm a total beginner it's fun all the same.

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  1. that’s a kick you in the face bright kind of fuschia! I loooove Essie, I just wish their brushes were a smidge wider. OPI has the best brushes in the world to me, but I also have kind of wide nails 😛

    • I like their brushes! Then again my nails are smaller =) I wish I had big nails though… Anyway, I find their brushes can get really wide if you just push down hard enough to where they fan out as much as possible. That’s what I do with my first brush stroke every time I paint my nails. Usually I can make it wide enough to encompass almost the entire nail which really lessens the number of brush strokes I have to make which makes for way smoother application/fewer coats. ❤ Essie.


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